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Senior Executive and Consultant in: Strategy, Management Skills, Commercial Skills, Communication, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Professional Career. Mental Trainer. NLP Practitioner. CEO & Founder. Trainer & Mentor.

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Ingenio Experts. Experts in science-based Management

MY COMPETENCES. I like to divide them in: Personal, Commercial and Management skills

Contract me now as a Speaker: in-company seminars, chambers of commerce, universities, business schools, entrepreneurs, associations, etc. Worldwide

Conferenciante           Lecturer            Speaker            Conferenciant             Irakaslearen           Conférencier          Dozent          Docente           Lector         Lectorius 

Personal Skills

Strategic NLP

Professional Personal Branding

Personal Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Management of Enthusiasm




Strategic Communication

Social Skills

   Commercial Skills

  Strategic Networking

  Social Networks

  Sales Skills

  Customer Satisfaction

  Customer Fidelization

  NLP in Sales

  Commercial spirit

   Management Skills


   Management of People

   Management of Consensus



   Motivation of Teams

   Management of Change

   NLP & Leadership

Services you may need:

1) Personal and professional improvement (service of individual professional actualization) through Skype or phone.

Training of your potential skills, that you have forgotten or, even that you don´t know that you have. Use the change in your favor. Take profit of your opportunities. Visualize and reach to your desired state. Feel you are strong enough to reach your objectives. A new fresh life appears now in front of your eyes. The price of each session is: to be consulted in each case Go on to the sessions

2) Workshops of Personal and professional improvement (Learn and practise in a small group)

You may participate in a workshop in small groups in which you practice your skills and learn skills from others and from me. Communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, commercial skills, management skills, social skills. You will get new skills: to use the change in your favor, to feel confident when interacting with others, to have realistic objectives, to manage the stress, to be respected by your peers and bosses.

The Price of each session is: to be consulted in each case. Go on to the workshop

3) Conferences. Learn and practise the main "pills" to generate your success.

You can now book my services as a Speaker in Speakers Academy:

In my conferences, I deal with the human motivation, the leadership, the communication, the social skills, the management skills and the professional career. My core experienced vision, after 30 years of learning and practicing with Strategic NLP and Mental training is present and underlying in all of my conferences.

Contract me now as a Speaker: in-company training, chambers of commerce, universities, business schools, associations, etc. Worldwide

The Price of each session is: to be consulted in each case. Go on to the conferences

4) Suscriptors

 The Price is 29 € per year.Go on to the suscriptors' service

5) Another services (Events/Promotions, Sessions In Company, etc.)

 Price (per person): The one that is indicated in each case in the specific information of the Service.
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Contact now and book a first Session of diagnoses of your present state situation. Free!

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Workshops & In-company capacitation:

Balance your life

Communicate Simply and Powerfully

Improve your Commercial Skills

Improve your Social Skills


Charge your batteries

Emotional Intelligence (assessment & feed-back)

Improve your Management Skills

Influence others

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